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About Tahaá

A beautiful woman walking through the sand, the waves lapping her feet as she thinks about how far from home she has come.  Born in the Midwest, she is halfway around the world now. The memories are fond ones—she loves the Midwest, and misses the warmth of home sometimes. But it is hard to miss much of anything here, in Taha’a, a French Polynesian island, where the ocean is so clear you stand in it up to your neck and still see your feet at the bottom, where the sea air is breezy and filled with salt, where everything smells like vanilla and spices.
A man behind her. “Buy you a drink?” he asks. There is a little bar in the distance, with rattan chairs and thatched umbrellas dotting the beach in front of it. He wraps his arm around her waist, as if he’s a handsome stranger.
As if in a movie.
She smiles. “I thought you’d never ask.”
They both look as young as when they were first married. Her hair is a little longer, and tangled now with the wind coming off the Pacific.

He has a little gray in his hair, not noticeable unless the sunlight catches it, and then the grey strands gleam silver. It’s summer, and the days are long, and the nights are warm. The bar is crowded, but not overly so. An American man in his sixties sits on a lounge chair with a guitar and plays “The Times They Are A-Changin” and then “Blowin’ in the Wind.” How many roads… The Tahitian bartender, who has an extra button undone on his shirt, brilliant pearl white smile gleaming, shakes a cocktail shaker with one hand and cracks open a coconut with the other. Two Indian men in flowered shirts are embroiled in a deep philosophical discussion; a group of twenty-something girls in bikinis are laughing about a boy they once knew; a European teenager is gathering up the courage to go across the bar and talk to a beautiful Thai girl whose leg is peeking out through a slit in her long, flowing skirt. A Filipino man and woman on their honeymoon are lost in their own world, passing back and forth a bottle of dark rum.

Two Englishmen, just married, celebrate with another round of daiquiris, glasses clinking together loudly. In the distance, a boat with a parasailer, the chute bright purple. Our couple watches. Their months-long vacation is coming to a close, and they want to hold on to this place forever—the deep and sparkling Pacific, the land of vanilla and pearls. Here, there are no deadlines. No one cares what time it is. They think back to their bartender’s motto: “No hurry, no worry.” Our couple has turned their phones off, left their laptops behind, and enjoyed just being.
They come home energized, with a dream. What if there were such a place in St. Louis, in our neighborhood, in The Grove? A place that is relaxed, a place that would make people feel as if time has stopped for just a few hours? A place that would remind us of the sea, the sand, and the people of Polynesia? And so, Taha’a Twisted Tiki was born.
Join us as we live the dream of “No Hurry, No Worry.”


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4199 Manchester Ave.
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